«GEOPLAST» LLP is formed at 2002. As service Company «GEOPLAST» LLP have provied services for oil producing and exploration Companies.
We are have large work experience on Western Kazakhstan oil fields.
For company are working experience personnel. Our specialists are getting permanent on job training and in special school. We are using the modern equipment and technology for our services.
Quick response in operation of «Geoplast» LLP is important factor. We are ready for mobilisation and job starting in very short time

Head of the Company is Vasiliy Kluchnik, who has more than 40 years of field experience in wireline logging of oil and gas wells of our region. Also he has trained and taught several generation of logging engineers, who are working for many huge local and western oil Companies in Kazakhstan.
During his working years Kluchnik formed entire chain of rationalizational proposals and "known how".
Many main specialistes of oil companies pretty often are getting professional consulatation from him

«GEOPLAST» LLP seated up good relationship with many oil producing Companies:

MAERSK OIL KAZAKHSTAN GmbH             response
LLP «ANACO»                                      response

LLP «ТАБЫНАЙ»