For our logging operation we are using off road vehicles Gaz – 66 and Gaz – 33081 with based on it wireline units. Wireline unit PKS-PE is equipped with spare drum. Large speed range a drum of unit is very helpful for succes logging operatin.

For pressure survey we are using memory pressure gauge PPS25 (Канада).

For downhole sampling we are using IMSP-20VV programming pump-in donwhole sampler. This time programming tool with electromagnetic driving valves allow as to take sample in necessary time( from several minutes to 15 days after running in hole). At same time on flash memory temperature, pressure could be registered during running in hole and on sample station. The sampler could be run in hole on slick line, E-line cable, coil tubing, tubing and sucker rods. Very flexible running method allowing to run sampler in deviated or horizontal wells. The tool was modifed for decreasing minimal range of working pressure down to 4-5 bar, for working in low pressure wells with high oil viscosity (it is typical well condition for Western Kazakhstan)

For logging operation we are using MPLT KSA-A5-36”Sakmar” and KSA-A8-38”Sakmar”. Toolstring KSA-A8-38”Sakmar” allow as to register 8 parameters for one run-T,P,CCL, WHU,Resistivity,GR, ILS, Termoflowmeter STI. For wells with low flow rate additional module of FBF could be attached to toolstring present tool string provide correct setting of integral and differential flow or injection profile.

All above mentioned services are providing on slick line0.95, 0.108. the slick line operation are more applicable for wellhead pressure up to 200 bar without any additional lifting or special equipment. Any leeks are excluded and less damage for environment.

For working processes monitoring, programming and acquisitions industrial computers are installed- PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK - CF19